Off Grid Systems

An off-grid system is the name given to a self-contained energy supply system. These types of systems have no connection to an available power network.

Off-grid systems are used in areas where there is no electricity network. They are also used in applications such as toys, mobile phone chargers, garden lamps, allotments, mobile homes, holiday homes, residential buildings and parking meters.

Off-grid photovoltaic systems comprise a generator (solar module), a charge regulator and, where required, power conversion (off-grid inverter) and energy storage (battery).

We will be glad to assist in the design and configuration of your tailor-made solar system. For optimal system design, we will need certain information from you, without which we will be unable to generate a quotation.

In order to provide you a detailed overview of our products, please find the product catalogue as pdf-file below.

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Rural Electrification

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