Grid Connected With Battery

SOLEOS storage solutions are known for their reliability and durability. They are optimal for small and medium-sized private homes, and for every type of roof.

The PowerRouter is a solar inverter with integrated battery manager from the company Nedap and is designed specifically for the optimization of the use of self-generated energy. Surplus energy is stored in batteries.

At times when generated solar energy is not sufficient to supply the loads, the energy that is stored in batteries will be used to feed the loads.

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  • Available in 5.0 kW, 3.7 kW and 3.0 kW versions
  • Integrated 24 Vdc lead-acid battery manager
  • Compact, easy to install, all-in-one system
  • Compatible with all modern PV technologies, including thin film 2 fully independent MPP trackers
  • Monitoring and management via integrated internet connection

For this reason we offer you selected products of well known manufacturers, which are in conformity with our high quality requirements. Additionally, the continous contact with the manufacturers ensures a constant quality control. Our module suppliers offer up to 25 years on 80% and 10 years on 90% of the power as well as a product guaranty of 10 years.

Power 3 kW 4 kW 5 kW
Modules Soleos EU 250 Soleos EU 250 Soleos EU 250
Inverter Power Router 30 SB-BS Power Router 37 SB-BS Power Router 50 SB-BS
Inverter Solar. Power pack 7,4 kWh Solar. Power pack 7,4 kWh Solar. Power pack 7,4 kWh
Storage capacity expansion ok ok ok
Box battery ok ok ok
Battery protection ok ok ok
Battery cable ok ok ok
Solar cable 100 150 200
Connectors male and female 2/2 4/4 4/4
Mounting system ok ok ok