High quality PV systems

Our full systems offer efficiently designed and high-quality product combinations for all requirements for systems form 1 kWp to big PV plant of several MWp. Our engineers can support you by the planning and optimization of your PV plant (grid connected or off grid) selecting the right products.

Which modules with which inverters? How shall I connect them together? Which solutions to fix the modules to the roof or on the ground? For off grid systems: which power shall have the PV generator? Which type of battery and with which DC voltage? Which regulator do I need? We are at your disposal to design your PV system!

soleos-_0002_grid connected

Grid Connected

We propose grid connected systems from 1kWp to big plant of several MWp, for residential or industrial application, roof top or on the ground.

soleos-_0001_grid with battery

Grid Connected With Battery

With this type of PV system you can optimize the private consumption of solar electricity by storing it in batteries. During the day while the batteries are full, the solar electricity is use for self consumption or selling to the grid.


Off Grid

We propose off grid systems for rural electrification, pumping systems, street lights and telecommunication systems. More about off grid systems...