PV Modules

soleos-_0001_pvmodulesWe offer a broad selection of monocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous and micro-amorphous solar modules for grid-connected systems. Our solar modules are solely certified to Protection Class II, IEC 61215/61730 for crystalline modules and to IEC 61646/61730 for thin layer modules, and hence conform to international standards. Service and our warranty are very important to us.

Our module suppliers guarantee a power supply of 80% over a period of 25 years and of 90% over a period of 12 years – as well as a 5-year product guarantee.

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SOLEOS Mono 185-195

  • Better performance under high temperature conditions
  • Better performance under low irradiation conditions
  • High efficiency
  • Only positive power tolerance



  • Made in Germany
  • German warranty
  • High efficiency cells
  • Extreme environment durability
  • Resistant – 4mm glass