High quality products for a powerful PV installation

The quality of a photovoltaic installation possesses first priority. After all, your PV system should produce electrical current for more than 25 years. Our solar modules are exclusively certifiied according to protection class II, IEC 61215/61730 for crystalline modules as well as IEC 61646/61730 for thin film modules and therefore meet the international standards.

For this reason we offer you selected products of well known manufacturers, which are in conformity with our high quality requirements. Additionally, the continous contact with the manufacturers ensures a constant quality control. Our module suppliers offer up to 25 years on 80% and 10 years on 90% of the power as well as a product guaranty of 10 years.


PV Modules

PV modules transform light into energy; we propose a large selection of monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin film modules. All of them meet the international standards.



Inverters convert the DC current produced from the modules into AC current (230V AC). We propose a large selection of grid connected and off grid inverters, with or without transformer. All of them meet the international standards.



Monitoring systems gives you detailed information about the performance of your PV system, daily, monthly or yearly data, from your office PC or the Internet. We propose a large selection of Monitoring systems.


Mounting Systems

We propose a large selection of mounting systems: Easy to install and high quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum guarantee weather resistance and longevity. Pitched roof, flat roof, roof integration, carport and facade. SOLEOS is able to fix all kind of modules.


Storage Solutions

Solar batteries are used in off grid and backup systems, connected to the grid or not. We propose a large selection of lead batteries that are most commonly used. They are cost efficient, have low-maintenance and optimal for photovoltaic.



We propose a large selection of accessories like DC connectors, DC switch, DC junction box, regulators. All of them meet the international standards.