Our Mission

Our stated objective is to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers with respect to high
economical and ecological demands.


We aspire to four core values, which characterise our corporate identity. We build on these pillars, because they contribute substantially to our company’s success.


Quality is the basis of our company. We set great store by high-quality and productive work. For us, quality also stands for our ability to constantly optimise corporate processes.

Customer orientation

Our customers are our partners. We want to keep them satisfied and build up long-term customer loyalty. For us, customer-orientation means placing the needs of the customer at the heart of all our corporate activities.


Our goal is to always offer the right products at the right time and price. We are aware of the fact that solar energy has to be affordable.Thanks to our large number of international partners and suppliers, we secure attractive prices, which allow us to have a strong position in the market.


Happiness releases energy. This energy is essential for productive work.Happiness comes from the fact that each individual member of our team is important. What we do has a value. We take on responsibility and grow through our work.